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Trailer Parts & Accessories CANBERRA

At Pride Trailers, we supply and stock all the Parts & Accessories you need for your Trailer, including Shackles, Springs & Spats. 


We are based in Fyshwick, Canberra and service the districts of ACT, Queanbeyan as well as Southern NSW. 

We are your One-Stop-Shop for Trailers, Parts & Accessories.

Trailer Axels


Trailer Bearings

Whether you need 39mm Round Axels, 45mm Square Axels, 53mm Square Axels or 40mm Square Axels, we've got them all. 

We supply Straight Axels, Drops Axels, Overlay Axels, Complete Axels and Axel Stubs. 



Trailer Brakes

Struggling to find out what Bearings you need?

At Pride Trailers Canberra, we stock all sorts of Bearings. Our Bearings are Japanese Bearings including Ford Bearings and Holden Bearings, Slimline Bearings and Parallel Bearings. 

We also supply Bearing Kits. 



Trailer Couplings

The weight of your Trailer could alter whether it needs Brakes. 

At Pride Trailers Canberra, we can supply all sorts of Braking Systems, and if you need help in selecting what Brake Systems you need we will advise you on so your Trailer will be safe for use on the roads. 

We have 'Over-Ride' Braking Systems, Electric Brakes & Electric Brake Backing Plates, Mechanical Brakes, Hydraulic Brakes & Breakaway Systems for Trailer Weights of up to 2000kg.  


Couplings CANBERRA

Trailer Springs

At Pride Trailers Canberra we can connect your Trailer to a Towing Vehicle without a hitch!

We can assess your Trailer requirements.

We stock Anti-Sway Couplings, Commercial Couplings & Off-Road Couplings with 50mm Ballhead or Ring Type Fittings, as well as Clips, Catches, Locks and Accessories for Trailer Couplings. 



Knowing the difference between the uses of different styles of Leaf Springs can be a difficult task. Thats why at Pride Trailers Canberra we will help spread the load by advising you on whether you need Eye-To-Eye (Shackle) Springs, Slipper Springs or Rocker Roller Springs, and then supply and fit them for you. 

Slipper Springs

Slipper Springs are great for Multi-Axel Trailers as they have a simple and resilient design as well as a low cost. 

Slipper Springs are designed to have a Eye Shackle at one end and an Open Leaf at the other which is secured by a 'Keeper' which allows the Leaf to slide as needed. 


Eye-To-Eye Springs (Shackle)

Eye-To-Eye Springs are designed to wear down it's parts over time but each part can be replaced individually when required. If you have a Multi-Axel Trailer we highly recommend using Eye-To-Eye Springs because they have a smooth ride and help Distribute Weight evenly over the Axels. 


Rocker Roller Springs

Trailer Shackles

Rocker Roller Springs are Eye-To-Eye Springs which are connected via a Rocker & a Rocker Hanger. 

They are designed to produce Progressive Spring Rates for a smooth and forgiving ride. 

We will suggest these for Multi-Axel Trailers, Horse Floats & Caravans. 



Swivel Brackets

At Pride Trailers Canberra we supply a range of D-Shackles and Bow Shackles. Our Shackles are all Rated so you know that in any emergency they can support the weight of your Trailer or Caravan. 


Swivel Brackets CANBERRA


If you need to adjust the height and angle of your Trailers Jockey Wheel, we supply a range of Swivel Brackets in varying size and Load Bearing Capacities. 



Jockey Stands

When securing Trailer Suspension to the Axels a U-Bolt is used. At Pride Trailers Canberra, we supply a wide range of U-Bolts with different sizes, shapes and styles including Square U-Bolts, Round U-Bolts, Galvanised U-Bolts and Stainless Steel U-Bolts. 


Jockey Stands CANBERRA

Spring Hangers

If you are in need of an Adjustable Jockey Stand for your Trailer or Caravan, we at Pride Trailers Canberra stock, supply for a variety of Jockey Stands. Whether you are in need of Welded Brackets or Swivel Brackets we are qualified to assess and fit Jockey Stands so you know your Trailer is stable when stationary.


Spring Hangers CANBERRA

Rims & Tyres

If you have Suspension on your Trailer, you will need some Spring Hangers to secure the Suspension to the Trailers frame. 

At Pride Trailers Canberra we supply Spring Hanger for any spring type we stock and fit. 

Whether you have Single Springs or Tandem Spring we can supply to your needs. 


Rims & Tyres CANBERRA

Bearing Protectors

Don't roll over and give up when trying to select the right Rims & Tyres for your Trailer. 

Pride Trailers Canberra stock a wide range of Trailer Wheels, Rims & Tyres as well as the knowledge to suggest what you need depending if you are driving through suburban area's with a Trailer Load of 450kg or in the Outback with 1600kg. 

Our Rims come in a variety of sizes, designs and colours from 8" to 16" in Black, White or Galvanised. 


Bearing Protectors CANBERRA

Mud Flaps & Guards

If you want to prelong the life of your Bearings, we suggest using Bearing Protectors which help stop water and dirt from getting inside you Bearings and contaminating the grease. 

Our Bearing Protectors use Springs to keep pressure between the Trailers Bearings and the End Cap of the Bearing Protector as well as having the ability to store grease and naturally top up the grease inside the Bearings. 


Mud Flaps & Guards CANBERRA

Wheel Spats

We supply a range of Mud Flaps and Guards to help protect your Trailer.

We stock Heavy Duty Rubber or Plastic Mud Flaps and Guards.  


Wheel Spats CANBERRA

Jockey Wheels

Wheel Spats are designed to reduce and restrict airflow in Trailer Arches so combat turbulent air. 

We stock Jayco Wheel Spats coming in Single Wheel or Double Wheel designs. 


Jockey Wheels CANBERRA

Leg Handles

At Pride Trailers Canberra we supply ALKO Jockey Wheels, Parts and Complete Sets. 

They can be welded or bolted to A-Frame Trailers. Whether you are in need of Standard Jockey's, Swivels, Ratchets or Hydraulic Jockey Wheels we will recommend and fit the best option for your Trailer. 


Leg Handles CANBERRA

Jockey Wheel Holders

We supply a range of Leg Handles, from L-Legs to Short Landing to Jost Modules as well as Backplate Landings, Double or Top Brackets. 

If you want Comp Feet, Rocking Feet or Sand Shoe styles we will help you select the best choice for your Trailer. 


Jockey Wheel Holders CANBERRA

Wanting to make sure your Jockey Wheel doesnt move anywhere or sink in to the sand or mud? 

We supply Jockey Wheel Holders which are Heavy Duty Rubber which will keep your Trailer safe and secure when parked. 


Trailer and Towbar Specialists
Also known as Canberra Caravan & 4x4 Centre

Suppliers Of Quality New Trailers And Towbars In Canberra And Queanbeyan 

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